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Advertise Here On Wazobiatalk Forum by Omamode (m) at 10:52am
Wazobiatalk forum is an online community targeting Nigerians both home and abroad. It is on this note that we can confidently demand that, if the target audience for your products or activities are Nigerians, we can help you do the job of creating awareness about your products to our esteemed visitors. Just sit back and browse through our Ad offers and select an option that suits your taste. But before then, below are the group of activities we don't desire to place on our platform: 1. Ads on drugs. 2. Ads on illegal activities. 3. Ads on Cigarettes and other harmful substances. 4. Ads containing nudes If you are sure your products won't fall into any of the category, then we can proceed... We run two major kinds of Ads on the platform namely: General Ads: These are the Ads displayed in the index or front-page of the platform and other parts not related to a section and it topics. Pricing: You may need to contact the Admin or a MOD(s) to know the pricing for Ads under this category. Sectional Ads: Sectional Ads are those displayed in both the header and the footer of the section they belong to and as such, they are only displayed when a user enters the section or view any of it's post. This Ad category is best if you already have a targeted audience in mind. For example, a musician targeting music lovers will place his Ads in the music section. Pricing: The pricing for placing sectional Ads are usually displayed alongside section's description in every of the section page and varies according to the level of engagement in the section. Therefore, you may need to visit your targeted section to know the pricing. Steps in advertising on Wazobiatalk Below are the precise steps to follow after concluding to advertise on Wazobiatalk with a Ad plan in mind: 1. Get a graphic designer to design your banner. A banner is simply the picture that will be displayed as your Ad on the platform... You can scroll up or down this page to see an example. Your design should be coherent with the examples. 2. Contact us preferably via phone or WhatsApp 09069914327 or send an email to mods@wazobiatalk.com. 3. Further directives will be communicated to you. 4. After payment. You will be required to send your already designed banner and a link that will serve as the landing page for your Ad when clicked. If your products don't have a website, you can create a post for them on the Adverts section and subsequently send the link to the post or better still, your products may be such that don't require links. 5. And your Ads will placed on the platform... We shall also be updating you using previous contacts on the performance of your Ads. 6. And that's all. Also, all Ads complaint should channel to the Adverts section as we hope to resolve them. Thank you. Adejor Lawrence.

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